Serverius – DDoS Toolbox

Last week, we added a some new features to the DDoS toolbox: prepaid payment model, additional notification emails, better informational graphs. This offers you to purchase a certain amount protection in advance to filter your future attacks. With this unique commercial model you are able to buy a small amount protection in advance and only buy more if you really need it! It saves you buying expensive monthly subscription like many competitors only offer.

Through new email notification you will be updated during and after an attack, the type of attack, if it is including the “base package”, if the attack is stopped and how much credit you have left. The same information can also be found inside the customer panel what will give a clear overview.

From today the per-purchased blocks protection time can be purchased once or as a subscription. It will adjust at your situation and budget. In combination with the Serverius firewall and nulling tools our DDoS filter is one of the most flexible environments to provide protection for your own customers. For every ip attack you can decide whether, when, and how protection should be regulated.

Like many know, the Serverius DDoS filter is based on routing based filtering, DDoS hardware filtering boxes and client uplink firewalling. Only when a ip or subnet is added by the client panel to the DDoS filter, these techniques will be used. Otherwise we purely route without any filtering. From the beginning of this month we added also some new BGP routing filters techniques. As a result we killed 37% extra volume attack traffic before it hits our network. It saves our users really allot of incoming dirty traffic and therefore it saves them allot of extra cost.

We also added geo-ip information to our filters. Now we are able to enable or disable some regions or specific countries in the world. For example to enable only traffic from Europe, USA and Russia or enable/disable traffic from only Iraq.

Next week Robert and his programming team will start with the functionality to add your own web, voip, gaming filters into the client panel. More information will follow